My Portfolio  |  Market Research

University of Northern British Columbia

I conducted a variety of market research projects for UNBC. The research was used in the planning of major marketing projects as well as to direct the overall marketing strategy for the university.

UNBC Homepage Redesign Project

Analysis of university websites

Analyzed Canadian university homepages to identify standards for terminology, navigation, and other aspects of the homepage user experience. 

Analysis of current UNBC website traffic

Analyzed server statistics to identify the most visited UNBC websites, common traffic patterns, and user locations. 

Survey of UNBC homepage visitors

Administered an online survey to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the current homepage design and rank the importance of key UNBC websites. 

Focus Groups

Administered focus groups and questionnaires to faculty and staff to gauge the effectiveness of the new UNBC homepage and identify remaining issues, prior to its launch. 

Advertising Effectiveness

Focus Group

Designed and moderated a focus group of UNBC students to identify perceptions about UNBC's advertising. 


Designed, administered, and analyzed a survey of current UNBC students to measure recollection of past advertising and identify trends in current media use. 

Perceptions on Environmental Responsibility

Online Survey

Utilized Facebook and an online survey to determine the effectiveness of a university's level of environmental responsibility on a prospective student's decision to attend that university. The survey supported the launch of UNBC's "Canada's Green University" campaign.