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Farm Credit Canada

Farm Credit Canada is a federal crown corporation and Canada’s leading agricultural lender. It provides financing, insurance, software, learning programs and business services to Canadian producers and agribusiness and agri-food operators. FCC has more than 1,600 employees across Canada and serves more than 100,000 customers. As a federal crown corporation, FCC operates in both official languages and reports to the Ministry of Agriculture and Agri-Food.
In 2011, I became a Program Manager for FCC and the lead project manager for the planning and launch of an unprecedented industry awareness campaign: Agriculture More Than Ever.





Agriculture More Than Ever

Agriculture More Than Ever is a multilevel, multiyear marketing campaign with the goal to improve perceptions and create positive dialogue about Canadian agriculture. It provides tools for industry advocates to share stories and promote agriculture in order to attract the people, skills, and investment needed to reach the industry's full potential. 

The initiative is championed by FCC but requires the active participation of industry producers and supporters. Originally launched in 2012, the Agriculture More Than Ever project continues to grow. Within its first two years, it garnered more than 300 industry supporters (industry associations, alliances, agribusiness/agri-food, private sectors, media, trade shows, and the government). It now has over 28,000 followers on Facebook and 13,000 followers on Twitter (in French and English).

Planning & Execution

Planning for Agriculture More Than Ever took about one year. I was responsible for developing a compelling and viable business plan and a project plan that would be approved by FCC's executive management. Because Agriculture More Than Ever is an industry initiative that reached beyond FCC, this required significant planning and strategic communication among many groups. Industry producers, media, associations, the federal government, FCC employees, and FCC's senior leadership team are among the key stakeholders in the project.

Agriculture More Than Ever is comprised of a variety of components, each developed in both English and French:

  • Website (Resources, story sharing, blog, online store)
  • Social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram)
  • Partnerships
  • Promotional items and merchandise
  • Trade show attendance
  • Print advertising campaigns
  • Internal FCC communications

Of the individual components, I also project managed the development of the original Agriculture More Than Ever website, Facebook page, and Twitter account.

Measuring Perceptions

One year after launching Agriculture More Than Ever, 1,271 industry producers from across Canada responded to a survey designed to test the change in the perceptions of agriculture. The results showed that producers were more likely to select positive words to describe Canadian agriculture (such as 'profitable,' 'thriving,' and 'expanding') in 2013 than they were in 2010. There was also a decrease in negative words selected (such as 'struggling,' 'underpaid,' and 'under-recognized').

Of the respondents, 29% were aware of Agriculture More Than Ever. Of those who were aware, more than 80% believed the initiative was helping to improve the perceptions of Canadian agriculture.